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Chris Curry, who has performed with Ray, Goodman & Brown / The Moments ("Love On A Two Way Street", "Special Lady"); produces events for Isaac Hayes and writes commercial music jingles for major advertising agencies; has been making dreams come true for many aspiring performing and recording artists for over 20 years.

Travis Milner, Keyboard player for Gerald LeVert;
CEO of "SOUL'D OUT PROMOS", a jingle production firm and
musical director for "Spirit Alive", a gospel "on the mike" showcase.

Kevin Owens, Lead singer with recording stars, "Ray, Goodman & Brown/The Moments" and background vocalist with Luther Vandross.
So You Want To Be A

So You Want To Be A Star Inc; specializes in providing the amateur performer as well as the seasoned professional with singing classes, individual vocal instructions and artist development workshops that guarantees to improve their vocal skills. We are THE BEST in preparing you for vocal competition auditions like American Idol, The Apollo Theater Amateur Show and America's Got Talent.
Arrangements can be made for us to travel to your specific city or country to provide these services for your interested participants.

So You Want To Be A Star, Inc. will assist you in preparing a "first class" presentation for record executives. We will instruct you on how to effectively record. We will share with you the do's and don'ts of the voice as well as coach you toward effective vocal techniques for stage and recording sessions.

During our workshops you will learn how to read contracts, write songs, and be introduced to other careers in show business that you may want to consider. We will evaluate your singing talent and make an honest assessment with proper recommendations for your success. We are also available to answer any questions regarding your show business career.

Each workshop includes a celebrity guest speaker who provides first hand information and instructions based on their personal style and experience.

Monthly shows "JAMMIN ON THE MIC" are presented to have a continuous platform for students to showcase their developing talent for later workshop discussions, critique and paid employment referrals (bookings).

We also offer workshops and classes in "Public Speaking"; "Techniques In Being A Successful Master of Ceremonies"; "The Art of Being A Humorous Comedian"; "Steps on How To Successfully Produce, Promote and Market Your Event!" and "The Art of Being A Successful Radio DJ and Air Personality."
"So You Want To Be A Star" is the must go to workshop for any artist who is really serious about refining his or her craft. Take it from me, as a singer who has been singing and performing most of my life; I have quite a bit of experience under my belt, and I really thought I knew a lot about what it takes to be a good performer, until I got to this workshop. I was so amazed by how much I learned in such a short period of time and how intense the course could be.
I've come across many vocal instructors who are good at what they do, but I took away more from one month of sessions with Chris Curry than I have learned in the years of training I've had elsewhere.This is not your typical vocal class, so if you really are ready to take your singing above and beyond to the next level, this class is definitely for you.
Lyndsay Bellefleur, Irvington, New Jersey; March 2009

I was a participant in the February/March 2009 singing classes & workshops and this is my review.

Knowing how to sing a song isn't all there is to singing. After enrolling in So You Want To Be A Star's singing classes and workshops I learned another side to singing. Out of the many, many things that I learned, the most exciting was learning how to stylize a song and making it my very own vocal arrangement. Thanks to So You Want To Be A Star, I no longer view singing as just opening up my mouth and singing a song. So to the rest of the world, if you are planning to hit the stage or record any time soon, check out So You Want To Be A Star and get some guaranteed assistance.

I want to personally thank Mr. Chris Curry for sharing with me his expertise, his personal knowledge about the music industry and his golden vocals.
Ms. Deborah Nolen, Newark, New Jersey


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